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  • Definition (Anderson & Krathwohl); Carrying out or using a procedure through executing or implementing. Applying related and refers to situations where learned material is used through products like models, presentation, interviews and simulations.

  • Key Verbs (Bloom's Digital Taxonomy); Implementing, Carrying Out, Using, Executing, Running, Loading, Playing, Operating, Hacking, Uploading, Sharing, Editing.

  • Please know, some of the videos are unlisted in the YouTube account. Should you click on a video and it is unavailable, please try clicking on the YouTube link to view directly.

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Podcasting: Pop Into Long Division another on Long Division
4th grade students at Fisher Elementary created a podcast demonstrating real world applications on why they would need to use long division. These students wrote a script, found clipart images, and created a podcast with at least three tracks (visual,narrative, and music – not all groups made it to the music track).

Long Division

Podcasting: Ocean Animals
1st Grade students from Ashley Elementary researched and drew pictures of an ocean animal and recorded their information using PhotoStory.

Podcasting: Forest Animals
2nd Grade students from Ashley Elementary researched and drew pictures of an forest animal and recorded their information in GarageBand.

VoiceThread - The Missing Mona Lisa
4th and 5th grade Quest students from Curtsinger Elementary, learned about the theft of the Mona Lisa and created I am poems about the theft from different perspectives using VoiceThread.
4th graders at Tadlock Elementary use Storybird to create a poetry book .
A collaborative fictional story written by a group of 4th graders
Native American Project
4th Grade students worked collaboratively in Google docs to create a Powerpoint as well as creating a 3D model of their tribe's shelter using Google SketchUp.

Voki: Word Choice
A 4th grade student at Tadlock Elementary created a Voki to inform the readers and listeners about word choice and why it is important to use it in your writing.

Geocaching: Explorers
During their unit on Explorers, 5th grade students at Christie Elementary studied about early trade routes. They learned about the different instruments that early explorers used to find their way from country to country. Students then learned how modern explorers use satellites and GPS (Global Positioning) units to determine where we are and how to get to their destinations.
Geocaching: Virtual Map (Secondary)
A map of the 13 colonies was created on the practice football field next to the school. Each cache represented a different battle. Once a cache was located, students opened the cache to find information about that battle. The information in the cache was then transcribed onto each student's worksheet. The students repeated this for all 8 battles/caches of their geocaching course.
Google Docs: Collaboration
Fifth grade students from Curtsinger Elementary worked collaboratively utilizing Google Docs Presentation tool to create a Revolutionary War Newspaper. The completed newspaper, included a battle scene, Revolutionary War hero photos, war leader and battle feature stories, quotes, interesting facts, and references. To view an example, click HERE.
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Blabberize: 3D Shapes
1st grade students at Ogle Elementary created blabberizes depicting the attributes of a 3D shape.

Skyping: Pen Pal/Animal Research Collaboration
Third grade students from Carroll Elementary paired up with another class in Michigan and wrote pen pal letters which detailed clues about a specific animal (i.e. environment, diet, etc). Once the letters were received, the two classes met via Skype to discuss the answers to the mystery. Click here if the below does not open as it is listed as unlisted.

Google Forms: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Student Created Quiz
3rd grade students at Ashley Elementary had an option to choose from various project ideas after reading the book, Charlie and Chocolate Factory. A few of the students created a quiz using Google Forms as their end product.
cluster pictures.png.Click here if the Google form does not show.