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  • Definition (Anderson & Krathwohl): Putting the elements together to form a coherent or functional whole; reorganizing elements into a new pattern or structure through generating, planning or producing.

Key Verbs (Bloom's Digital Taxonomy): Designing, Constructing, Planning, Inventing, Devising, Making, Programming, Filming, Animating, Blogging, Video blogging, Mixing, Remixing, Wiki-ing, Publishing, Videocasting, Podcasting, Directing/producing, Building or compiling mash-ups.

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3rd Grade: Culminating activity for Science: Structures and Functions of Animals Cluster.Students at Ashley Elem. researched animals and utilized the attached rubric to create the video. Then they had to watch 2 classmates videos and critique them using Linoit app or website.

Glogster: Native American Tribes
4th grade students at Boals Elementary, used Glogster, an online collaborative tool for learning, to display their knowledge about various Native American tribes.With this kind of medium,the students were able to create a glog which included photos, text, video, and links to various websites.
Natural Disaster
The 3rd graders at Spears Elementary researched various natural disasters.
Glogster: Famous African-Americans
5th Grade students at Sem Elementary researched famous African-Americans and
created Glogster posters which represent the significant contributions of that person.
Animal Research
5th grade science students at Tadlock Elementary utilized the website Glogster to display their research
findings on an animal of their choice. The glogs included information such as the animal’s habitat, prey
and predators, physical adaptations, and behavioral adaptations
. 11-3-2011_12-46-55_PM.png
Voki: Liberty BellA 2nd grade student at Ashley Elementary researched and created a Voki about the Liberty Bell.

Voki - Math - Special Numbers Project
5th grade students at Sem Elementary were assigned a number and had to describe the
number using 8 different vocabulary words (prime/composite, even/odd, etc) and
locate 5 real-life examples of the number (news from that day of the year, sports jerseys, historical events, etc).

Prezi: Special Numbers Project
5th Grade students at Sem Elementary were assigned a number and had to describe the
number using 8 different vocabulary words (prime/composite, even/odd, etc) and locate
5 real-life examples of the number (news from that day of the year, sports jerseys, historical events, etc).
Podcast: Water Cycle
Students at Sem Elementary worked collaboratively to create a podcast on water cycle podcast.

Animoto: American Revolution5th grade students at Sem Elementary created Animoto projects highlighting the main events leading up to the American Revolution.

GoAnimate4Schools: Special Numbers Project
5th Grade students at Sem Elementary were assigned a number and had to describe the number using 8 different vocabulary words (prime/composite, even/odd, etc) and find5 real-life examples of the number (news from that day
of the year, sports jerseys,historical events, etc).

Paint to Go
First grade students at Curtsinger Elementary created slideshows based on the theme Texas,Texas, What Do You See? or Texas is Great! The graphics which maybe created with the online drawing program Paint to Go were imported into Microsoft PhotoStory (or MovieMaker) to create a class slideshow with Texas music.

CrazyTalk Arctic Animals
After researching Arctic Animals, 3rd grade students at Ashley and Sem Elementary utilized the animation program called Crazy Talk. This program allowed them to upload a photograph of the animal of their choice and use the tools within the program to make it come alive.

4th grade students at Ogle Elementary created book review/trailers podcasts.
Colonial Job Commercial Podcast:5th grade students at Riddle Elementary produced commercials advertising a particular Colonial job using GarageBand.

Podcast: If I Were President
Kindergarten students at Tadlock used MaxShow and Photostory to create an
enhanced podcast called If "I Were President".

Animated Movie: Texas Independence
4th graders at Shawnee Elementary created an animated movie on the events that lead up to Texas winning their independence. As a whole class, they studied about this portion of Texas history. Students self-selected their groups based on which event they wanted to depict in the movie. The first step of the process was script writing. After the scripts had been teacher approved, students brainstormed ways to ”show” the audience their script. Students then used construction paper to bring their scenes to life. When the sets were ready, the teacher took pictures of each scene. There were literally 800 pictures when we were all finished! Each group narrated their portion of the story.

3rd grade students at Ashley Elementary created skits using PhotoBooth and Nanos to depict the meaning of various vocabulary words.

Personal Narrative
A 5th grade student at Boals Elementary composed and illustrated her personal narrative.

Book Trailer: The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane and Hobbit
5th grade students at Boals Elementary, worked to produce Book Trailers in PhotoStory 3, advertising books they've read so far this year. During Reader's Workshop,students researched examples of book trailers on the internet, and then createdstoryboards to plan and prepare for their trailer. In order to capture their audiencesinterest and persuade them to read the book, they carefully crafted a script that wouldtell just enough without giving too much away. Then, they downloaded images and sounds to help them convey the meaning of the book.

Hobbit Book Trailer

Digital StoryTelling:
5th grade students from Riddle Elementary created biographical short films about various scientists. Not only did they conduct research about the scientist and various historical events from the same time period, but they also wrote the script, gathered props, filmed and edited.

A 4th grade student at Boals Elementary created a Voki portraying Sam Houston and his importance to Texas' Independence.

Students at Ogle and Curtsinger Elementary studied attributes of themselves and
created an original comic strip utilizing the Web 2.0 tool, Chogger. They chose a super power which told about their personality traits and possible career choices. Students created a superhero and wrote a story about their superhero where they used their internal attribute to solve a problem. Students used the website, Chogger, to create an original comic strip. The comic strip was converted to a jpeg, then inserted to photostory where students recorded their written stories in the form of an old time adventure story.

Google Docs:
4th Grade students at Smith Elementary created game boards demonstrating their
understanding of decimals. This student created a decimal game which included both
addition and subtracting of decimals.
Enhanced Podcast: Famous African American
5th grade students at Sem Elementary research and created an enhanced podcast depicting a Famous African American. Students created a drawing of their person, which was imported into GarageBand and then recorded their information.

Voki: Poetry
4th grade students in Ms. Mott's class studied the various styles of poetry. Each student wrote a poem and created an animated avatar using Voki.

VoiceThread: Persuasive
2nd grade students at Ashley Elementary created a VoiceThread to persuade their
audience to purchase an ipad.

Loxia Studio: 5th Grade Numbers Project
5th Grade students at Ashley and Sem Elementary were assigned a number and had
to describe the number using 8 different vocabulary words (prime/composite, even/odd,
etc) and find 5 real-life examples of the number (news from that day of the year,
sports jerseys, historical events, etc).

iMovie: Book Trailer
A 3rd grade student at Ashley Elementary created a movie trailer incorporating the
following elements: Similes, Science Concepts and Persuasive techniques.

4th Grade math students at Curtsinger used Garage Band to create math podcasts
at the end of their Decimal Unit. The students were challenged to create a podcast on
one of the following topics: adding and subtracting decimals, decimals on a number line, relationship between decimals and fractions, and comparing/ordering decimals.
Students worked in groups to write and perform their own lyrics about the topic.
Once the lyrics were perfected, students explored jingles in Garage Band to accompany their lyrics, recorded their voices alongside the jingle, and exported their podcasts.

See more student examples here:
Blabberize: Black History Month
3rd grade students at Ashley Elementary created a Blabberize depicting a
Famous African American for Black History Month.

GoAnimate: The Planets: (Secondary)
6th students in Frisco ISD created a GoAminate on an overview of the planets.

Infographics: Piktochart
5th grade students at Ashley Elementary were assigned to choose an article from three National Geographic Explorer Student magazines:
  • Deadliest Predators which also included Volcanoes or Leaves
  • No Bones About It which also included Bare Bones and Hurricanes
  • Panda Mania which also included Mirror Images and Neighbors in Space
Once the projects were completed, the teachers reviewed each project and students
either had to add/edit their information before the infographics were downloaded.
According to the teachers, their students were so excited and loved this project.
Below is an example of a student product. b.bush.png
Below are a few more examples:

Glogster: Native American Tribe of Texas
4th grade students at Comstock Elementary chose a Native American Tribe of Texas and spent time researching about the location, clothing, shelter, food, and traditions of that tribe. Their task was to take the research and create an online poster using GlogsterEDU for their final product and demonstration of their learning. While researching, the students collaborated with their peers who were assigned to the same tribe. Individually they created their glog about their Native American tribe. Glogster was a fantastic way to incorporate technology into this unit of study because it allowed a lot of room for student creativity, it was easy to implement, and the level of student engagement was extremely high! Click HERE to see the student online example.
glog_Jan 2013.png

Google Docs: A Fraction's Quest to Become a Decimal
Two 4th grade students at Spears Elementary where assigned an alternate decimal
activity with little direction from the teacher. Below is what they created. Needless, to
say, the teacher was very impressed!

Students at Purfoy Elementary created Blabbers explaining their understanding of units of measurement..

3rd grade students at Ashley Elementary created newscasts on the topic of rapid change for their Science unit. Utilizing a montage of volcano or earthquake clips, students portrayed themselves as "reporters" on their knowledge of their topic of choice.

"Wanna Be An Adjective"
5th grade students at Borchardt Elementary created/produced the song, "Wanna Be An Adjective" to the instrumental tune of "Wanna Be A Billionaire" by Bruno Mars.
Summary of Writing Lesson:
As an introduction to expository writing in our 5th grade ELA class and an effort to integrate all subjects and relevant TEKS across the curriculum, students were given the group assignment to choose a topic that they were currently studying in one of their classes; Math, ELA, Reading, Social Studies, or Science. With their small group, they had to present information about their topic >>in the form of a song. We briefly discussed the format of song writing, and the kids had two class periods to write it. They were allowed to collaborate and bring props, etc. for the performance.Faculty members were invited to come in (tech. specialist, principal, IC, and our grade level WATCH DOG dad) and serve as a panel of “judges” (‘American Idol’ style). They dressed and acted the part famously, making this activity even more engaging for the students.The “finalist” from each class that was chosen, was given “star conferencing” time with our tech specialist, JK, who helped them “produce” their songs in GarageBand. Once the production of our four finalists’ songs were complete, they were posted on the school library website with a Google Doc that made “voting” available to all 5th graders for our overall “RBE IDOL” winner.
Lesson created by Michelle Askew, 5th grade ELA teacher at Ruth Borchardt Elementary

Zimmer Twins: Planet Research
3rd grade students at Ashley Elem. researched information on their planet and utilized Zimmer Twins to present their information.


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