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  • Definition (Anderson & Krathwohl): Making judgments based on criteria and standards through checking and critiquing.

Key Verbs (Bloom's Digital Taxonomy): Checking, Hypothesizing, Critiquing, Experimenting, Judging, Testing, Detecting, Monitoring, (Blog/vlog) Commenting, Reviewing, Posting, Moderating, Collaborating, Networking, Reflecting, Product (Alpha & beta) Testing, Validating.

  • Please know, some of the videos are unlisted in the YouTube account. Should you click on a video and it is unavailable, please try clicking on the YouTube link to view directly.
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Ustream Debates (Secondary)
ELA Students at Griffin Middle School particpated in a debate.
Blog Commenting/Reflections
A 5th grade teacher at Robinson Elementary utilizes her blog for brain teaser questions as well as using it as a vehicle during literacy station for students to reply via "comments" to an inferencing question/lesson.
Voki: Book Review
Third grade students at Spears Elementary created book reviews using It was a great way for the students to practice descriptive writing and display their knowledge about the book they read while integrating the use of technology.

Classroom Blog
The 2nd graders at Tadlock Elementary use their blogging skills every day. The teacher believes that her classroom blog is a forum for her students to display their higher level thinking skills and communicate with other students around the world who are learning and utilizing the same/similar skills. To begin, they published their thinking stems to the blog and plan to continue publishing those throughout the year.The students will also write about what they learn in social studies, science, math, brain-awareness week, stories...basically anything they can think about. She doesn’t want her students to just regurgitate information...she wants them to be able to think and discuss what they are learning. She believes blogging is just one more way to do that, and kids are motivated to make a bigger effort knowing that they have a wide audience.
Google Docs - Stone Fox:
4th Grade students created writings in Google Docs then utilized the chat function for peer revision and critiquing.

Glogster: American Colonies

Fifth grade students researched information about one of the original 13 colonies and created a glogster of their findings.
Blogging/Critical Commenting
5th grade students at Elliot Elementary were asked to look at a cartoon and comment on whether they agreed with the statement.
4th grade students at Ashley Elementary responded to literature by submitting a book review and recommending the grade level to read the book. Please click here to view their comments.
responding to literature_Mayo.png
Google Docs: Collaboration
Fifth grade students at Carroll Elementary used Google Docs to share their Monster Match (a descriptive writing piece) stories with their pen pals from Smith Elementary. After they revised, edited, and drafted their final writings in Google Docs, they used the Doodle Buddy app on the iPads to draw the monsters. (Smith Elem. used an online paint program like Paint to Go). The students inserted their pictures into the Google Doc and then the classes video chatted to share their writing and pictures. Below is student created Google presentation as well as a video of the event. Click here if the video does not open as it is unlisted in YouTube.

Book Trailer: iMovie
Students at Smith Elementary evaluated the Bluebonnet book, "Bake Sale" using iMovie. Click here for more examples of movie trailers.