Teacher Integration

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UPS Check - Teacher Demo
A teacher at Frisco ISD demonstrates how to solve a word problem using the UPS Check method.

Mobi and GarageBand
Kinder students at Sem Elementary learn patterns using music. Click here if the video does not open.

Space Stations
At Pioneer Heritage Middle School, 7th Grade Science recently teamed up with thelibrary and technology staff to develop a lesson about alien life. For four days, students attended class in the PHMS library, where they visited 17 stations that each focusedon a different aspect of the science objectives. Students were given a packet with instructions and questions to guide them through the activities. Teachers launched the lesson by reading a storybook aloud. Then the space pioneers watched videos onlaptops, visited web sites,used the Mars Globe App on the iPod Touch Devices, and read stories related to their learning. At one station, students listened to a 1947 broadcast from Roswell,New Mexico,as they explored the Roswell Museum online. Teachers delivered specific content through a PowerPoint presentation displayed on digital photo frames. Watch avideo of our alien encounter below!

Monster Match
Introduction for elementary students for the annual descriptive writing activity the "Monster Match".

ePals / Collaboration
4th Graders at Tadlock Elementary utilizing a variety of skills corresponded with a
5th grade class in California
Technology and Library: A Collaboration: Pumpkin Theme
Working collaboratively, Ashley's technology facilitator, Kiki Evans and librarian, Michelle Mayo created stations around a pumpkin theme. An assortment of idevices were utilized(i.e. iTouches, iPads, and Nanos) as well as various online resources.Each station was approximately 4 minutes and the focus of the stations revolvedaround the following Kindergarten TEKS:* Technology (2A-C, 5A, 7A), * Science (K10.B),
  • Math (K5.A, 6.0. 6.A),
  • As well as other various skills

Technology and Library: A Collaboration: Author StudyWorking collaboratively, Ashley's technology facilitator, Kiki Evans and librarian, Michelle Mayo, 5 stations (for 2nd Graders) were created around the author; Robert Munsch. The educational goal was for the students to discover of at least 2 facts about the author. Various idevices were utilized (i.e. iTouches, iPads, and Nanos) as well as online resources.

A 5th grade teacher at Riddle Elementary created GoAnimates introducing Freedom Week and another for Weather/Climate linking in real-world connections.

Technology and Library: A Collaboration: Insects
Working collaboratively with my librarian, 5 stations (for Kindergarten) were created around an Insect theme. The educational goal was for the students to discover various facts about insects.
  • Parts of an Insect
  • Why they are important
  • Difference between an insect and not an insect
Numerous devices were utilized (i.e. iPads, Macbooks, PhotoBooth) as well
as online resources.

Heroes in History and Literature: A Technology and Library Collaboration
Working collaboratively, tech facilitator, Kiki Evans and Ashley's librarian, Michelle Mayo, created 10 stations (for 3rd Graders) around Heroes in History and Literature. The educational goal was for the students to discover what the person/character did and why they were famous. Various idevices were utilized (i.e. iTouches, iPads, and Nanos) as well as online resources. Both students and teachers seem to enjoy the joint efforts of this collaborative project.

A FISD teacher created an Xtranormal video to to introduce her students to her YouTube Channel.

An 8th grade history teacher at Scoggin's Middle School created a comic book on
"How a Bill Becomes a Law".

Teachers at Smith Elementary created Glogs for their students to utilize while
studying the Middle Colonies. Other examples: Middle Colonies - Example 2
Texas Indians Example 3

GoAnimate: What is Bullying?
What is Bullying? Created by J.Woolford - 1st grade teacher at Ashley Elem.

Teacher Created: Animoto - Who Am I? / Life Cycles and Inherited Traits
For the 3rd grade unit of Life Cycles and Inherited Traits, a teacher created, a "Who Am I?" Animoto from student baby pictures. This was created to assist students with the understanding, that during their life cycle, they will go through different phases as well as changes.Click here if video does not open as it is unlisted.

Answer Garden:
A teacher at Maus Middle School utilized Answer Garden by typing in clues in which students
had to determine what the main topic of interest was. (Direct Link)

Click here to learn more about this fabulous tool!

What's The Topic?... at AnswerGarden.ch.